Becoming She

Millennial on a journey to break down barriers, disprove stereotypes, and empower women. My gProcessed with VSCOcam with a2 presetoal is to challenge societal norms and rogue beliefs that we aren’t worthy, strong, or powerful. I hope to offer a new perspective and open up a necessary dialogue  to hold space for growth.

Through my site I hope to help to offer a sense of purpose and enlightenment, even if in the smallest way possible, I hope you find a message you’ve been looking for.

Feminist. Minority advocate. Free spirit.


Excerpts From Recent Posts:

Being Woke Sux

“Being woke sux.

It makes you feel angry, heartbroken, defenseless. It’s a double edged
sword that makes

you feel powerful but powerless.”



What A Woman Should Be

“Unwarranted  expectations and opinions from men not living with this body, not living this experience, not having to deal with themselves- never having known what it feels like to be so Godly yet so belittled, oozing lava but getting ice water thrown at us when our steam fogs their vision. Women. Dealing with our struggles differently but beautifully and I’m proud of us. Proud of you, mama. ”